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Peacemaker snot

About what kind of English I’m actually learning ;)


In an airplane duty magazine, my attention was drawn to the “healing bracelet”®, which was recommended to everyone except passengers with pacemakers. The word was unfamiliar, but I guessed that they were talking about pacemakers. And then I looked in the dictionary that pace is step length or walking pace. It immediately became curious to look at the consonant peacemaker. Of course, this is a peacemaker, but also a revolver (jokingly) and even a machine gun.

A little later, at the tail of the plane, bored in line for the latrine (we are on the ship!), On one of the many drawers I read an incomprehensible holloware. Is this a holographic projector? The dictionary at first gave way to this word. Even the root of the word was calculated doubtfully. Hollo is some kind of exclamation or shout. And the hologram is written through one “L”.

Then I guessed to look at another spelling – hollowware and everything was cleared up. This is the name of deep dishes (pots, bowls, etc.). And the root immediately fell into place: hollowcavity, recess, hollow.

What else is there to translate? For example, how would “snot” be in English? Sniffles. Strange, but I don’t think I’ve come across this word before. I finally broke into the toilet and, being alone, I can deal with, sorry, boogers – snots. By inertia, I watch how it will “blow your nose” – blow your nose. Finally a familiar word! Now you can with a clear conscience return to the chair and sleep. There are still 3 long hours to the destination.