February 23 – day off!

February 23 - hero's day offThe best gift for a man on February 23 is day off . Purely male day off. The female component goes to work, shopping, or wherever else you can go in such weather … And I (ie the man) stay at home and sleep.Then I wake up and start doing feats. No, this is not about washing dishes or wet cleaning in the apartment, but about something simple, quick, not too burdensome, but very, very heroic.Feel like a hero, what could be better?Better – not better, but it would not hurt to make money. Money raises self-esteem, which is also nice (same gift). Since I personally earn organization of active tours, the appointment of February 23 as a day off would give me the opportunity appoint some holiday tour for this date (23 kilometers in 23 hours). And women would have an excellent opportunity to float away (in the snow and mountains) their defenders, giving them this tour.Okay, enough ads. I’ll come up with a couple more arguments for healthy sleep on a holiday. For example: sleep and courage are inextricably linked. It is not in vain that “to hand over to a fireman” (a very heroic profession) is nothing more than to take a nap.And remember our legends. Ilya Muromets – for thirty years on the stove he was preparing for a feat. It is possible to do such miracles while awake – no enemies are terrible.Holger Danish - sleeping hero There are sleeping heroes of other peoples. In the photographs, one of them is Holger of Denmark, who undertook to wake up no earlier (but not later) than his homeland would be in mortal danger.Somewhere in the mountains of Thuringia, they say, Barbarossa comrades is sleeping. He waits until the crows on his mountain calm down, and then he wakes up (it doesn’t turn out very logically) and goes to restore the glory of Germany.The Hungarians have Csaba the son of Atilla, the Irish have Finn McKumal, and the English have Bran the Blessed. The latter, by the way, did not hide his friendly relations with the crows. And Barbarossa is still waiting naive, and does not know where the birds on his mountain come from.That’s probably all for today, otherwise I risk sleeping through the whole holiday. Have you forgotten that I spread all this tedium in support of the day off on February 23?

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