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March 8 is one women's day, the rest are male? class=I didn’t invent this. Nearly a thousand people search the official website for March 8 every month. Considering that tens of thousands of people are looking for the address of Santa Claus, this is not so strange. So, the idea has the right to life.Imagine, you go to the official website on March 8, and there … What is usually “cling” to official sites? All sadness and tedium. No! We will go to the unofficial fan forum on March 8th. It’s much more interesting. 40,000 visitors a day, 5,000 registered members, and 80% of them are men.Actually, initially I planned to develop this idea about the forum, fantasize and try to joke. But in the course of studying the issue (the history of the celebration of March 8), two curious facts were revealed:

  • The Chinese are smart guys. They guessed to make March 8 a holiday WOMEN ONLY. You have to work at work, not celebrate champagne. Therefore, it would also be logical to give a day off to all birthdays and other guilty people, so as not to interfere with the labor process :)
  • March 8 and February 23 are the same day! And what else – in 1917, on February 23, according to the old style (March 8, in a new way), the February Revolution began with a demonstration of textile workers in St. Petersburg. Do you feel the roots of the holiday? Pelevin just needs to write something mystical and terribly believable on this topic (have you read his “Thugs”?). However, I have already found a small study on this topic – March and February 23″ and everything is really creepy there (Ancient Babylon, meek Esther and carnage).

These discoveries require reflection, the writing of the article is suspended (perhaps forever).P.S. I’m not stupid and I understand that people who searched the official website of March 8 actually wanted to find the website of the Moscow furniture factory “March 8” –

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