Eco Foucault

Eko Fuko I’ve been sitting for 40 minutes, sorting through photos, rummaging through Wikipedia, and I don’t dare to start writing about Umberto Eco’s Foucault’s Pendulum. I have almost finished reading this book and it’s time to urgently write about my impressions “>until cool). But I don’t want to.I don’t know what’s the matter. The book did not go unnoticed, it miraculously fit into the puzzle, caused a bunch of associations. .. and still too lazy to write. But you have to.A year and a half ago I read “The Name of the Rose” – listened to an audiobook. The announcer spoke beautifully but quietly and not energetically. At that time, I had the flu, had a temperature, fell asleep, and the book became the background for all this disgrace. The researches of the “muddy” monks miraculously flowed into my feverish dreams. Nothing to do with a clear and cheerful detective – an adaptation of “The Name of the Rose” with Sean Connery (I love this film).Starting to listen to “Foucault’s Pendulum”, I immediately fell for the bait of reflexes. Thoughts have become blurred, the physical state – pre-flu. skis helped to get out of the situation. I listened to the book on the run and the flow of pulsing blood enlivened the plot, which strove to get stuck somewhere in a dusty library.As in “The World of Sophia” one feels that the detective story is just an excuse to dump on the reader a megaton of historical data about the hermetic teachings of all times and peoples. As in “The World of Sophia”, I manage to perceive only part of what was said. Before the climax, the pace of the bombardment becomes unbearable, and I did not want to stop recording and listen again. As in “The World of Sophia”, it is directly and LOUDLY spoken about the need to filter the occult-esoteric shaft that falls on everyone who is not devoid of curiosity.And then Ostap suffered:Personally, esotericism covered me at the beginning of the 2000s. It was a revolution of consciousness. I discovered the existence of a thousand alternative histories, economics, psychologies, ethics. The foundations of the universe were shaking under the blows of more and more new teachings. And then everything went away.I have learned (and practically experienced) that I can choose what to read and what to believe. Like Akunin’s Laertes Terpsichore, when I read a book, listening to an idea, I “load” a program into myself. She acts, she can act, she can change the world if I push the button. Involuntarily, you feel responsible, even choosing a book for entertainment on the train.Foucault's pendulum at the ConservatoryLet’s return to Eco. It turns out that in the 70s the problem of suggestibility and sacred hunger was no less relevant. Moreover, people from time immemorial cannot live without an irrational belief in the unknown. God, thanks to the efforts of the church, has become boring and voila – we have a thousand alternatives on a smaller scale.And scale matters. It is foolish to be called the Grand Master and prepare to seize world domination in 6 times 120 years. It smacks of rotten careerism and has nothing to do with Chivalry. It makes much more sense to drop everything and go in search of the Grail.The Grail… I heard the last note of Belbo’s golden trumpet and recognized Umberto Eco as “my own”. He believes and feels. It’s funny and scary to see those who want to learn it with step by step instructions.

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