The film “Radio Wave” – ​​readiness for a miracle.

Radio Volna movie “Radio Wave” (Frequency) is an ordinary film about the “butterfly effect” or “paradox of the murdered grandfather” (it’s almost the same thing – just time replaces space). The hero miraculously changes the past – problems begin in the present – he solves them again and again changing history.Good movie with good actors. But it’s a very standard story. And this is the standard that alerted me …

Ready for a miracle

Once again I repeat with the “Radio Wave” everything is in order. Something is wrong with us. It seems that we are purposefully preparing (or are being prepared) for the perception of a miracle. Films about the penetration of the miraculous into the everyday world (descended angels, good ghosts, body exchange, time travel, telepathy, real Santa Claus) do not get off the screens. It’s not about science fiction, but about miracles and the inexplicable.I will not consider the boring version that all this is propaganda and the result of an alien conspiracy. A lot of movies have been made about it too. There is another, slightly less hackneyed thought – we need faith in miracles to survive. Miracles themselves are not so necessary – to stay afloat, it is enough to believe in them. I’m afraid I can’t explain in more detail – I thought too little about it.

Proof of the miraculous.

It’s funny how little we need to move from a skeptical perception of reality to an admiring, uncritical perception of the magical. If we recall literature and cinema, then such a signal to faith was usually a successful prediction of the future or the disclosure of the innermost secrets of the past (a Yankee predicting a solar eclipse in the court of King Arthur, or the hero of “Radio Frequency” revealing the secrets of a baseball championship).This, by the way, is not so difficult. It costs nothing to stage the onset of the predicted event and thereby get an undoubted listener.It looks like predicting the future can be a super lucrative profession. It is only necessary to publish your forecasts not in comic book collections, but in more authoritative publications.

Family values.

If we ignore high matters, then we can see that “Radio Wave”, like many recent films, advertises smoking cessation. And also offers to make efforts to preserve a full-fledged family. Remember how the house changed (for the better) at the end of the film, when the hero finally managed to save both parents?

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