invention of lies

The invention of lies is an interesting movie I’m sitting and watching a movie. It’s called The Invention of Lies. Watched up to 50 minutes and really wanted to stop. No, the movie is fine – the movie is wonderful. I realized that I watched it to the positive climax of the plot. According to the logic of things, a decline should begin now, some kind of trouble for the hero, the reverse side of happiness. And I really don’t want to fail anywhere, even temporarily (I truly believe in happy endings).And here I sit and admire not the acting (the film is on pause), but my amusing experiences. Why all of a sudden? The movie is kinda cool. Imagine a world without lies, without fiction – only pure facts (truth). Everyone says what he thinks. The ad is true. On TV screens, instead of fictional plots of soap operas, there are lectures on history. And in the midst of this world of straightforward simpletons, a man appears who has learned to tell a lie. He understands that he is omnipotent. And I understand that his song is sung.He is not selfish enough to concentrate on satisfying his needs and fantasies with his newfound gift for composing. He helps people, and will inevitably take the path of the Messiah, and this path, as you know, will sooner or later lead to the cross. I really liked this simple and kind person and, quite childishly, I want to stop the moment and not let him go his way …Okay, let’s consider the walk through the Garden of Gethsemane over. I’m going to watch a movie. Perhaps I exaggerate in vain and everything will work out …

An hour later

It’s good that I wrote this article before I finished watching the movie. The director of “The Invention of Lies” (or who decides everything there) nevertheless made a choice in favor of a quiet denouement. All the potential tension of the plot was quietly released on the brakes. They even joked a bit, dressing up the hero as Christ.I don’t think the filmmakers can be accused of being cowardly or something like that – it’s still a comedy and people came here (in a conditional cinema hall) to laugh. The only pity is that without becoming a tragedy, the second half of the film ceased to be a pure comedy. But, perhaps, someone will like this part with its quiet romance. Love conquers selfishness and all that.P.S. The best part is definitely the first 10 minutes of the movie. Don’t be late for the cinema!

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