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Книги Джаспера Ффорде

“It’s harmful to work a lot” – I decided for the tenth time in the evening, interrupted the heroic writing of the tour in Peru for a second and went to check the blogs of famous writers. Akunin and Pelevin were silent, but Lukyanenko pleased. And by no means by his arguments about the “Ukrainian loan”, but by a tip on a new (for me), interesting author – Jasper Fford.

Lukyanenko says that Fforde writes his “detective fiction about the world of literature” very boldly and unconventionally. And that’s all I need. After all, all the last week I have been trying with great effort to become related to Dostoevsky’s “Demons” and I’m rather tired. And now I have a magical carrot at the end of the tunnel – “Here you will drive out the demons and you will be able to read the light Fforde.”

Whether Jasper Fforde’s books are really light reading, whether I’ll be interested – we’ll find out later. But there is a presentiment of the holiday right now.
Looks like it’s time to get back to work :)

Added two years later: After reading five of Fforde’s books, I finally understood myself and realized that I don’t like them (books). By the way, I haven’t read Lukyanenko either, but for completely different reasons. Conclusion – a good photographer works wonders.

писатель Джаспер Ффорде

писатель Джаспер Ффорде

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