WordPress error: blank page instead of large article.

wordpress errorThe essence of the problem: in the process of writing a large article with illustrations (report about a trip to Nepal) I periodically saved and checked the result in the browser. And then the moment came when, when adding at least one line to the text, a glitch occurred. In the browser, only the title and the comment form remained from the article. Thank God, I did not close the WordPress editor window, otherwise all the work would be gone FOREVER! I urgently make a backup copy (in notepad).So, I saved the text, but how to finish it? Do not divide the article into parts. On the Russian Internet, there were no answers to my question, but the bourgeois pretty quickly gave me hope for success.Someone Abel Braaksma faced a similar problem and not only solved it, but also wrote a huge manual to eradicate it – Sudden blank page with large posts in WordPress.The following ideas were taken from this work:

  • the error occurred due to the abundance of shortcodes in the article
  • You can solve it by increasing the recursion limits in the PHP settings
  • wpautop (text autoformatting filter) takes on too much

How to change recursion settings in PHP.ini without crawling on your knees in front of a provider? The answer was found at WordPress Support.You just need to add two lines to the top of the wp-config.php file


Voila, everything worked. You can continue to stuff illustrations with captions into articles.

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