Shutter Island

Leonardo DiCaprio - Shutter Island

A quote from a classic.

There is nothing new in Shutter Island, but the old is so well stitched and fitted together that there can be no question of the dust of centuries.The first thing that comes to mind is Hitchcock. I haven’t really watched his films, but it’s simply impossible not to recognize the handwriting of the master of suspense. Streams of unnaturally bright blood, demonic nature and music-music-music.Secondly, these are twisted plots like “Fight Club”, “The Sixth Sense” and a bunch of others. This is when, towards the end, they finally let you know that everything was wrong. The insight is belated, but that’s the whole buzz.Immortal images literally sit on top of each other – Hannibal Lector, Minority Report (murder on the lake, search for the truth against all odds), One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Bell, Twelve Monkeys. And the humane psychiatric hospital on the island? For me personally, this is a direct message to Akunin’s Black Monk, which, in turn, is a solid compilation from the classics.The most amusing association is caused by the distorted face of DiCaprio’s shy character – the spitting image of the eternal sufferer Frodo (Elijah Wood) from the film adaptation of The Lord of the Rings.

Floating bubbles.

After revealing the “truth” (in quotation marks, because I don’t like this truth and I don’t want to accept it), bubbles of memories begin to pop up in my head against my will. They pop up, burst and reveal the missing pieces of the puzzle. Suddenly you understand why the guards were so alert when the federal marshals got off the ferry. You understand what the scene with the awkward removal of the holster from the belt meant, and to whom the note “Run!” was addressed.

Believe in yourself.

The brave federal marshal was doomed. He let himself be convinced that he was a psycho. I freaked out as hell as I watched Teddy admit his insanity step by step. Madman! As long as you believe in yourself, in your integrity, you are invulnerable. And doubts, or even more so remorse, is a direct path to non-existence.On the other hand, one “you” goes into oblivion, and a new “you” grows in its place. New is so interesting. Maybe you should not cling to the old?I think that changing self-identification is a fairly effective way to change reality. You ought to convince yourself of your own financial genius. I’ll get rich.

About cinema again.

The film is wonderful. Looked and smiled. Not because it was funny – on the contrary, it was creepy, just to feel and perceive it is so pleasant, and in this film, feelings do not leave the viewer for a minute. Fear, curiosity, disgust, aggression, sadness succeed each other and carry them along (directly to the “Shutter Island”).

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