Why is “International Mountain Day” December 11th?

December 11 is International Mountain DayI found out by chance that today, December 11, is International Mountain Day. Another professional holiday (for me)? Excellent! And in honor of what exactly today? We google, we google…. and we don’t find it.Thousands of sites write that Mountain Day has been celebrated since 2002 (which, according to the UN, was the year of mountains), that Kyrgyzstan has something to do with all this (apparently as the venue for the conference). But no one knows what explains the choice of the date – December 11th. Even in UN resolution no reasons were given.While rummaging, I found out that mountain tourism occupies a very insignificant place in the “mountain” initiatives of the UN. First of all, the conversation is about the protection and support of the indigenous people of the mountains, and not vacationers like you and me.P.S. Already after this note was published, I changed the illustration on the “cover” twice.at first it was a photo from an autumn trip to Nepalat first it was a photo from an autumn trip to Nepalthen a more abstract painted mountainthen a more abstract painted mountainand in 2013, congratulating my friends on Mountain Day, I used as an illustration a photo from hiking in GeorgiaHiking in Georgia, Upper Svaneti, Caucasus

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