Razgrebayu photos I returned from Montenegro already 3 days ago and still can not finish raking pictures (I brought about 4 thousand of them) . The process seems to be simple, but out of habit I can’t sit at the computer for a long time – my eyes turn red, my throat tickles, snot flows, my temperature rises … Maybe I have an acute respiratory disease?The process of sorting out photos after a trip looks something like this:

  1. Sort photos by day. Each day in a separate folder, for example “2011-08-25 bobots cook and ice cave”
  2. Send to separate subfolders all the blanks for HDR and panoramas. Start automatic assembly of panoramas and HDR.
  3. Swear bad words for a long time because the panoramas stubbornly warp and wander.
  4. Under pressure from relatives, quickly select a hundred photos for public display. Mostly cities and people.
  5. Under pressure from customers and competitors, select a dozen or two photos for the report. Here, first of all, there are those very panoramas of the mountains.
  6. Select all the photos with my beloved face into a separate folder (there are not so many of them). Good for avatars. Although I’m lying – as far as I can remember, I have never changed them.
  7. Forget about raking, because it’s time to go on a new journey.
  8. A year later, remember that there was also a video that needed to be edited.

That’s the kind of fast rake I am.If we analyze the above, it naturally comes to mind that at this stage, the process of photographing is more important for me than the result of photographing. Those. in principle, it would be possible not to rake anything at all. On the other hand, I increasingly notice myself at the photo editor, sometimes for whole MINUTES adjusting the contrast on a particularly interesting frame. This is clearly a positive trend. In the future, a situation is possible when in ten years I will stop taking new pictures, and I will only “shop” the junk that has accumulated over the years of thoughtless clatter more and more.Rake demotivator

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