Bullfinch – not Yulia’s photo

Bullfinch - not Yulia's photo As an experiment, I publish a photo of a naked, naked bullfinch. Of course, the photo has nothing to do with erotica and with the recently famous actress Yulia Snegir. My bullfinch is an ordinary bird, on an ordinary tree (some relative of the maple, judging by the seeds). I took a picture of her this morning, right out of my kitchen window. I have not seen these birds in our city for a long time – I was surprised, delighted, I wanted to share photo and slightly nostalgic joy.

For some reason, I got into the statistics of search queries and then it turned out the terrible popularity of the “bullfinch”. It turned out that people are not looking for a bird en masse, but an erotic photoshoot of actress Yulia Snegir made for the May issue of Maxim magazine.

It is not surprising that I wanted to check whether an article with a massive mention of such hotly searched words like “naked”, “naked”, “erotic”, “maxim”, “Julia bullfinch” would get into the search engine results.

And the bird is really naked and really beautiful. One catch is the male.

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