Explosions in Moscow: what to do?

Moscow metro emblem An explosion is something that is, by definition, abrupt and unexpected. Of course, filmmakers managed to accustom us to super-loud detonations and powerful clubs of gasoline flames, but it turns out that there is another kind of explosions that can throw us out of the cozy world of everyday life. And it’s not about the power of the charge, and not about the exotic implementation, but in close proximity (to you personally) and absolute reality (again, for you). Moscow subway bombing…I was calmly driving around Kyiv in the morning, listening to my favorite radio station, when the DJ interrupted his carefree rattling and said in a completely different voice: “We received a message on Twitter … in Moscow there have just been two explosions in the subway. “Under the influence of this news, the entertainment program was hopelessly derailed. The presenters did not know what to say and what music to put on. The message took them by surprise.We were all taken by surprise. I don’t know about you, but I live in the refined world of the future, work on the Internet, relax on the Internet, hide from black TV news on the Internet. And then bam, or rather “bang”, and I thought about things that are also a bit hypothetical, but completely really exciting.What to do?The easiest way is for the police, special services and rescuers – they all have a clear goal. It remains only to work, plow, gnaw concrete, but achieve your goal.But what about a simple person? Do not go to Moscow now? Don’t take the subway? Don’t go outside?I tried to imagine my actions in the following situations:

  • I’m standing on a platform and there’s an explosion at the other end of the station
  • I’m in a dense crowd slowly squeezing through the turnstiles and suddenly I see a flash below.
  • I’m late for work, I just go to the station (any) and suddenly I get an SMS from a friend: “Akhtung, there are explosions in the subway, don’t poke your head”

And you know, not a single unambiguous answer, not a single clear plan was born in my head. And this is from a person who at one time was closely interested in issues of survival, studied the tactics of behavior in extreme situations, such as terrorist attacks at mass events.I don’t have sclerosis, my brains smoothly give out the information packed there earlier. But this is clearly not “RAM”. What does it mean?This means that urban survival was irrelevant for me. I’m used to a quiet life, relaxed. And I liked living like that.Bastards.P.S. Read Ilyin’s book “Survival in the conditions of economic crisis”. He popularly talks not only about economic problems, but also about terrorist attacks, wars and other troubles awaiting the modern layman.

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