Heavy metal a cappella

van canto - heavy metal a cappellaFor a couple of months now, I have been suffering from musical hunger. I urgently need an album that can sit in my head on its own, without any special tricks, and worthy of the title “soundtrack to life” (well, at least for a couple of weeks). In search of such a miracle, I listen and re-listen to both the creations of little-known modern bands and forgotten hits of the past.In the course of such search work, I came across the music of the German band Van Canto. They perform heavy metal a cappella. use their voice as accompaniment, not guitars and keys (they have a drummer). It turns out very, very funny (interesting, fresh, energetic).van canto metal a capellaVan Canto, it turns out, weren’t born yesterday, they’ve already released two albums (like I’m behind the times) and even act as the opening act for Blind Guardian.I listened to the albums and regret to admit that the situation with Apocalyptica is still repeating – the guys record wonderful covers, but their own works do not cause mega-enthusiasms.Nevertheless, many thanks to them for the powerful flow of energy poured into my ears along with Kings of Metal (Manowar), Rebellion (Grave Digger), Fear of the Dark (Iron Maiden) and Master of Puppets (Metallica).As a band that keeps up with the times, Van Canto shoots videos for most of the songs. Simple, unpretentious, but shoots and publishes. So everyone will know their faces (well, almost everyone). By the way, pay attention to the fire in the video for the song Last Night Of The Kings (an excellent ballad in the spirit of Lord of the Rings). The flame burns in an ordinary large saucepan, and it gives the impression of a fire in a dark forest. I liked it.While choosing the group’s photos for this article, I noticed the agency’s portfolio (it’s called Angst Im Wald – fear in the forest), who created photographic materials and clips for the group. It turns out there is such a business niche – photo services for rock stars.

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