And I punish, severely punish – catchphrases from the film “Eggs of Destiny”

Poster Our Russia: Eggs of DestinyOne of the highlights of the film “Our Russia: Eggs of Destiny” is Viktor Maryanovich with his catchphrase “And I punish, severely punish.” For 85 minutes of the film, the main villain says these words 8 times. And the audience will repeat this phrase thousands more times, it has every chance to become “winged”. Especially for future textbooks on the history of culture, I wrote out all the “punish, severely punish” and publish them in this article.Viktor Maryanovich severely punishes.Already at the 4th minute of the film, Viktor Maryanovich explains to his doomed guests how it differs from the sea. – We won’t tell anyone. Do not worry!- The sea is rough, and I punish, severely punish.At the 8th minute of “Eggs of Destiny” the first dohrenarch of Russia informs Leonid (Nasyalnik) about the seriousness of his intentions: – Viktor Maryanych, everything will be fine. Don’t worry.- Parents are worried, and I punish, severely punish.The bison prepares to severely punish the enemies At the end of the 16th minute, Bizon assures the chef of the high professional qualities of the Moldavian gypsy: – So don’t get upset ahead of time.- The intestines are upset, and I punish, severely punish.Just 2 minutes later, the misunderstood gypsy engages in the last dialogue of her life: – Here, take a loyalty card with a 10% discount. Contact us!- They convert to Buddhism, and I punish, severely punish.This is followed by a long pause, and only at the 48th minute Bizon, with his promise to find Nasyalnik’s bride, forces the villain to say the most daring of his maxims: – Find her.- I’ll do it, Viktor Maryanovich.- They do cunnilingus. And I PUNISH, severely punish!Nasyalnika At the very end of the first hour of the film, Maryanych categorically refuses to touch the bust of defenseless Larisa. Thus, he openly admits to problems on the intimate front (oh yes, the gypsy, she knew everything!): – Don’t touch it.- Touching boobs. And I punish. I severely punish.At 71 minutes, we do not hear the famous phrase. But it is implied. Leonid speaks on the phone with the bride kidnapper: – Come, I’m waiting… Yes, they’re expecting a baby. You said it right.In less than a minute, we are witnessing the climax. The catchphrase of Viktor Maryanych becomes so catchy that he quotes it himself. – Viktor Maryanovich, let her go. Punish me severely.- Severely punishes … I. And I… Bison, shoot him in the leg.That’s all the pearls of Mr. Ryabushkin. P.S. It just dawned on me – he also has an egg surname!Rafshan and Jumshud

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