Bullshit.. finally

Fine This blog is already a couple of days old, nothing has really been written yet, it’s winter outside, I continue to rejoice. The source of positive emotions is the very fact of the existence of this site. More precisely, the potential to easily write any garbage on it. It’s bullshit and it’s easy Serious, commercial sites appeared to me a long time ago. I more or less diligently wrote new articles for them and rewrote old ones from time to time. The field for literary activity is more than wide and almost everything is “unplowed”.However, the business orientation of the existing projects significantly restrained the rampage of my graphomania. I had to stick to the theme of the site, write dryly and politically correct, and constantly think about what a potential client would think.But you want to get rid of not only serious thoughts and advertising slogans, but also everything else: personal experiences, crazy ideas and cool photos.The second limiting factor was the difficult and multi-stage process of preparing publications. For example, the features of the CMS installed on my travel site required:

  • in advance (before editing) upload illustrations via FTP
  • simultaneously with the Russian version of the article, publish its English and German translations
  • Adhere to a rigid hierarchical structure of content categories.

As a result, each publication required a long preliminary preparation. Which, in my case, not only delays the appearance of the article, but generally jeopardizes its existence.The same blog is made on a friendly WordPress, no technical problems, no ideological constraints either. Write about anything.In short, before my life was hard and gloomy, but now everything will become bright and cheerful. La-la-la, congratulate me.Well, as a confirmation of this thesis, the first story from the series “about a beautiful life” ….

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