Cows on ice

Cow on ice As soon as the city was covered with snow, my wife and I, as novice drivers, took care of the question of how not to fall face down in the mud in the new conditions. As a result, an attack, unprecedented in its courage, was made to the nearest autodrome (an ordinary asphalt site).

However, there was no smell of asphalt there – numerous exercising motorists rolled the surface to the state of mirror ice. On this mirror, with varying degrees of elegance, 5-6 cars continuously circled, periodically interrupting to rest in a snowdrift. Most often, the most coolest cars ended up in snowdrifts.
Rear-wheel-drive mighty Mustangs and Beamers were pretzel-free without any driver control. At the sight of this disgrace, my previously not fully realized envy of the “bourgeois” was replaced by quiet gloating (shame on me).
Moreover, our modest car behaved quite decently and manageably (honor and praise for Michelin X-Ice2 winter tires). In the end, we became so bold that we started practicing controlled skidding with the help of a handbrake.

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