The film “City of Thieves”

In the "City of Thieves" everyone wears sports suits.Bandits in America also wear tracksuits! This is the main piece of news I learned from Ben Affleck’s “City of Thieves”. Films about bank robbers and other criminal characters make up a significant part of the film distribution, and they probably showed clothing typical of the criminal environment more than once. But I had to put on a tracksuit and sneakers for such a handsome man like Ben Affleck, make him go on a date in this, so that I did pay attention to some kind of absurdity of this style, and actually that it still exists.I myself constantly go in sports or tourist clothes, I haven’t worn shoes and a tie since the wedding, and from shirts I wear only Hawaiians. But by some miracle, all this does not prevent me from grumbling and indignant at the sight of a man in a tracksuit getting out of a white Lexus. From black it was still all right, and from white, if you please, go out decently dressed :)Tracksuits are the clothes of criminals. Frame from the movie "City of Thieves"If we return to the film “City of Thieves”, then the theme of a conditionally innocent girl getting acquainted with the underworld with the help of a conditionally noble villain is already familiar to many from the wonderful crime drama “Rapunzel – a Tangled Story”. The unexpected massacre at the end of this intricate story made me very happy with the boldness and simplicity of the idea.Rapunzel meets a member of the underworld

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