News about the earthquake in Japan.

news from JapanThe whole world is chained to TV screens – people watch endless news releases about the earthquake in Japan. Everyone is watching, but I’m holding on. Our TV has been disconnected from the antenna for a month now and only shows what I ask it to. As a result, we learned about the Japanese disaster much later than the rest of the world by accidentally turning on the radio in the car.And you know, there is some positive in this. Not that the Rising Sun washes away in waves, but that it does not become the main entertainment of the day for me. After all, many hours of contemplation of television news is just entertainment. Or not?You have already understood that by refusing to admire other people’s grief, I, as it were, received the right to self-admiration and was even ranked (by myself) among the truly sympathetic. Good?The news about the explosions at the Japanese nuclear power plant reminded me of two recently watched films: The first one is “Cloud” ( In beautiful and prosperous Germany, there is a release at a nuclear power plant. In an irreversibly changed world, a teenage girl tries to survive. She lost her mother, her younger brother died before her eyes, the prudent Germans turned into a herd driven by fear. How then not to despair and not to go for a walk in the radioactive rain? A tough, good, strong film.The second is “Monster”. Godzilla-like (Godzilla – Japan) creature destroys New York. One of those movies where everyone dies at the end. Including the main character who was going to fly to Japan (and here she is).So, after watching these films, I realized that for some reason, the problem of transportation worries me the most (and not protection from radioactive fallout and not studying the principle of operation of a hand grenade launcher). How to escape from the city in conditions of general panic? And without any accidents on the roads, endless traffic jams. What will happen to the roads in the event of an emergency? How many people will die in a stampede at train stations? Is it worth trying to break out of the city with the first wave, or would it be wiser to take shelter on the spot and wait out?panic on the streetsBy the way, although my native Kyiv is far from the seas and oceans, it can easily be washed away. The danger of a dam break at the Kiev reservoir has long been nothing new to anyone. And run away, just do not have time. Water will not reach the 6th floor, but will the house stand?Do not think that a fanatic is a survivalist, it just somehow coincided that a couple of days ago, even before the Japanese earthquake, while walking with my wife in the Eternal Glory Park, we discussed what we would do if a war broke out. And the day before, while “walking” my son on the playground, out of boredom, I began to read the analysis of man-made disasters lying around on the phone over the past 40 years. Coincidence?There are many questions, the dangers are immeasurable. But you know, it seems to me that humanity can withstand any trouble. Yes, we were spoiled by security and therefore built a fragile world around us. But if the conditions of the game change and it becomes necessary to breathe through gills and sleep in body armor, we can adapt.

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