The game “Carrom” – a mixture of “Chapaev” and billiards

Karrom game (Nepal) While traveling in Nepal, I could not help but pay attention to the curious game, which was enthusiastically given to old and young (mostly still young) in every Nepalese village. This is something like a mixture of “Chapaev” with billiards – you need to snap your fingers on the cue ball to drive the opponent’s chips into the pockets.Six months after the trip, I finally bothered to ask the search engine what the Nepalese game is called. It turns out that this is Carr, and they play it almost on half of the globe. Strange that I didn’t notice the carrom players in India. Judging by the data of Pedivikia, India is the main stronghold of the carromists, and the International Carrom Federation was created there.Actually, I didn’t discover anything else interesting about carrom (for example, the hidden metaphysical meaning of the action or the curious traditions of the players). But, under the influence of curiosity, I decided to read at the same time about the game of “Chapaev” and then a number of surprises awaited me.Firstly, the rich and complex world of the game – various types of troops, complex transformations of the “player composition”, in general, a rather extensive set of rules. To my shame, I have to admit that I used to consider the game to be a complete primitive, but here it turned out to be something like a theatrical production or a full-fledged turn-based “strategy”.Secondly, I could not (at least on the go) find a more or less complete edition of these miracle rules in sources other than Wikipedia. Is there really no corresponding community in LiveJournal, the Vkontakte club, and a dozen sites of the regional federations of “Chapaevshchina”?Further on, I delved into the study of the data on the film “Chapaev”, jumped to the “psychic attack” of the Whites, from it to the analysis of Pelevin’s book, and so on to the point of insanity.< /span>

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