Summer boots with a hole

lace boots This summer, only the blind could not notice that the beautiful half of humanity is embraced by a new wave of fashion – everyone is vying with each other experimenting with summer boots with a hole (they are also called lace or knitted boots). Most often they are worn with miniskirts and short dresses, less often with shorts or overalls. I live in a resort seaside town, but so far, thank God, I have not noticed girls in summer boots and swimsuits.I have always been interested in the nature of popularity, the reasons why something becomes popular, the signs by which this popularity can be predicted. You guessed it – I started a mini-investigation dedicated to hole-in boots.summer boots with a holeFirst of all, I checked the statistics of requests in search engines. The picture is this – until March 2009, no one was interested in summer boots (for this is nonsense, like winter flip flops), although the first Russian-language publications about them slipped back in 2007. Last July, the search engine was asked about “lace boots” 500 times, and this year, 2010 – four times more often. There is an avalanche-like growth in popularity.I looked through the forums and found out that in the middle of last summer, knitted boots were still a little-known phenomenon. Someone desperately tried to find them in the trading network (for any money), someone (not men, but women) asked in bewilderment, what for in the summer these bots are needed, and if they are rubber by chance. However, prices have already ceased to be exorbitant (from 800 rubles in the markets, up to 2500 rubles at sales in company stores). Now prices have remained at the same level, but the demand for products of resourceful shoemakers has increased significantly.heel hole bootsWith all the popularity of this element of the wardrobe, there are frighteningly few photos of the object of passion on the Internet. For the entire Runet, there are a dozen frames of boots on their own, or with a leg inside. But where are the examples of complex solutions (explaining what it is worn with), where are the photos of celebrities in boots, where is all this? It seems that our beautiful ladies are not at all interested in studying visual aids on how to wear boots, or for some reason they do not use the Web for this.Nothing could be squeezed out of the foreign sector either. True, there is a possibility that there I did not find the correct English term (lace boots, summer boots, perforated boots) to refer to boots with a hole. Or is this fashion gone so long ago that there is no trace left? It was possible to find only traces of the popularity of warmer – UGG winter boots.In short, there are still more questions than answers. But the very process of searching and analyzing entertained me well tonight. And the ability to notice trends, and at all pleased.

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