The real cause of the unrest in Egypt

Tutankhamun is the true cause of unrest in Egypt ?In the morning, they said on the radio that they were on the trail of villains in Egypt, who at the end of January took advantage of the unrest in the city and stole the statue of Tutankhamun from the Cairo Museum. There is a version that the villains were random people and took the first thing that came to hand. Perhaps it was. But to be honest, the first thing that came to my mind after the release of the news was a slightly fantastical theory.Like, the true cause of the unrest in Egypt is the robbery. In the sense that the riots were organized in order to sneak into the museum under their cover and kidnap Tutankhamen or something else less noticeable, but more important. Imagination immediately draws a picture of another Masonic conspiracy, a secret sect, whose adherents, having despaired of finding a common language with Hosni Muburak (in terms of issuing an ancient artifact to them), solved the problem in a different way – they expelled the intractable ruler with the hands of the crowd and took possession of the desired object.what is the true cause of the unrest in Egypt?Experts in Egyptology express concern that the statue of Tutankhamen cannot be sold (legally), and therefore it will forever settle in some closed collection. I imagine some poor Egyptian Aladdin, whom the evil sorcerer sends to the cave for a nondescript lamp (Ha-ha-ha), but greed takes its toll and, in addition to the lamp, the villain also drags a gilded statue to the exit. Most likely, she will be thrown out in the nearest garbage dump or drowned in the Nile along with the unlucky Aladdin.Egypt will soon calm down, life will return to its former course. Maybe even the eternally young Muburak will return to power. But all this will not matter, because the ancient artifact (some kind of Ring of Omnipotence) has already fallen into the right hands and it’s time for the world to prepare for big changes.Once again I repeat that all of the above is just a figment of my imagination.By the way, I’m not the only one building theories around the riots in Egypt. The other day I casually mentioned this topic in a conversation with a friend (far from politics). So she immediately “hooked” and began to tell what and why is happening in Egypt, to build her harmonious theory of what is happening. Those. the topic is relevant and excites people. What is it for?

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