127 hours – a film about a climber

climber film - 127 hoursOf course, the hero of the film “127 hours” was not exactly a climber. What he was doing before getting stuck in the crevasse could be more like canyoning or even multisport (given his bike ride and swimming in an underground reservoir). But the conversation is not about terminology.Talking about what I (as a viewer and as a tourist) was thinking while watching this hilarious movie:

  • It’s not surprising that this guy ended up in an emergency (more precisely, in the ZhP). He constantly took risks: when he rode a bike, when he jumped into the water, when he ran along the route).
  • I wonder where I saw this actress? (Only a week later I remembered – she plays a bore in “House”)
  • I started watching “127 Hours” with my wife in vain. Even without any creepy movies, she worries when I go to the mountains.
  • on the other hand, there is hope that this film will help her to be more attentive to my pre-traveling words, like “I’m going to explore in the Kizil-Tash area.” If something happens, they will at least know where to send rescuers.
  • After a little thought, I realized that you can’t rely on memory. Before each single hike or outing, you need to send your proposed route to your wife (friends) by SMS
  • The phone number of the rescuers must either be sent along with the route, or it must be entered into the memory of the wife’s phone in advance
  • It’s high time to take some courses in extreme medicine (traumatology and the like). I have read the theory many times, but until you look and feel it live, there will be no sense.
  • Is that that handsome guy from “Spider-Man” ??? You can’t recognize him with that beard.
    actors - 127 hours - right Amber Tamblyn from House

    far right - Amber Tamblyn from House

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