How to start blogging

This blog is actually three hundred years old this Saturday, but for the last 3-4 months it has been completely abandoned. So I had to make some effort (almost violence) on myself to start leading him again.And for some reason I decided that I should start not with a normal article, but with some kind of introductory stupidity – a stupid excuse post. He will take the first blow, the pancake will become a lump and rolling forward will pave the way for subsequent releases – more meaningful and interesting. So you don’t have to read further here, go straight to the next post.For more persistent readers, you will still have to return to today’s topic. I will tell you from my own experience how to start blogging. I started fast until the excitement was gone. Quickly installed WordPress, attached the first theme I came across (so as not to get bogged down in the swamp of searching for the perfect design) and immediately scribbled on a pristine site “Hello World!”. Do not try to write a smart article in advance, do not immediately try to make a good impression. All this is useless and even harmful. First, no one is reading you yet. At least take a picture naked in your soul and attach it to the main page – no one will notice …Although no – someone will notice. If you have at least one external link, search engines can still find you and take note. And for these guys it is not so important whether your articles are smart. They are interested in the frequency of updates and meeting the demand of the Internet population. So write regularly, on topical topics, and using standard phrases (like “How to get started…”).And after finishing the first stupid note, publish it without looking and immediately sit down for another. I’m currently playing as a beginner blogger, so I’ll heed the advice of the elder (myself) and immediately write something else :)And in general, I asked you – DO NOT READ THIS FUCK!Don't read this nonsense!And then I’m shy :)

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