How do I buy a SLR

How buying a DSLR and the magician from NielsI come to the store… Yes, it was in a real offline store, I did not dare to buy a DSLR through an online courier. So, I go into the store, my mood is upbeat, I’m a little worried, but at the same time I’m determined to spend a bag of money. In other words, I carry the full range of emotional experiences of a blissful shopper.Understand, computers in my life, I have already bought more than once. Refrigerators and washing machines – even more so. This is my first time buying a SLR. And the fact that this thing is expensive and at the same time useless (after all, this is a whim, you could continue to take pictures with a soap box), gives what is happening some special flavor. I love to feel the taste of life, so I swim slowly and thoughtfully to the counter of the store.And what .. Ahead of me was waiting for an almost complete bummer. The model I need is in stock and the price is in line with my expectations – everything is great, except for the fact that an elderly photographer is standing next to him (a small, skinny grandfather, somewhat reminiscent of the wizard from “Niels’ Journey with Wild Geese”). And this same grandfather (probably some venerable Kyiv photographer) buys a huge telephoto lens at the price of three bags of money. Naturally, all the rays of attention converge on him, he is served by the best sales assistant, even I only look at him and his gun (and not at the camera I have chosen).he bought such (or almost such) lensIn such a situation, it would be logical to go for a walk for 20 minutes, and return later to enjoy the shopping process to the fullest. But time was running out, before the evening I had to drive around half of Kyiv, so I had to give up my share of the buzz and buy the long-awaited DSLR dry (without any fanfare).The salesman I met didn’t say a word. Counted the money, issued a fotik, issued a guarantee. To my emphatically stupid (ala I am a blonde) questions about checking the focus of the lens, he did not answer anything intelligible. Completely ignoring such an obvious cry for help, this despondent radish did not even consider it necessary to point out to me a printout of the tuning grid stuck to the counter.I realized that there would be no “kina”, I quickly bought a couple of light filters and ran outside to play football photo hunting.

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