The first time I shot time lapse

How I shot Time Lapse for the first time Time Lapse is a video with the effect of speeding up time – when the clouds rush through the sky like crazy, and people are fussing funny below. To shoot such a video, you need a tripod, a camera on which automatic shooting is possible and the sky (preferably). I have had a tripod and a camera for a long time, but I reached the sky only today. While the children were sleeping, I snapped 300 frames and made my first time-lapse from them.

It turned out, of course, crooked. Especially editing and overlaying sound. But thanks for that too. I am now in terrible time pressure – I am getting ready for hike in Montenegro< /a>, and therefore even half an hour for any garbage is a luxury. But what am I justifying, see for yourself…

Finally, I’ll tell you with what settings I shot my first time-lapse:

  • camera – Canon 600d
  • mode – Manual (manual)
  • exposure – 1/800
  • aperture – f/9
  • ISO-200
  • focus – MF (manual)
  • white balance – day (not automatic!)
  • auto-brightness – disabled
  • image format – JPG, 1920*1280 pixels
  • interval between frames – 5 seconds
  • number of frames – 311
  • shooting time – 32 minutes (the camera had time to noticeably warm up).

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