Movie “What Men Talk About”

Cinema - What they talk about men“What Men Talk About” is definitely a good movie. Praise him (or scold) is not very interesting. But while I was watching this movie, I wondered what the nature of humor is. When does a person laugh? How to “make” a joke?If we consider “What Men Talk About” from this point of view, then everything is quite simple – I laughed when I recognized myself in the heroes of the film. For some reason, my wife laughed much less often, but she also managed to recognize herself a couple of times, and it was in positive (for this film) male characters. As another example of “humor on recognition” we can name the miniatures of Gentle from the Comedy Club (as opposed to the “humor of exaggeration” often used by Kharlamov).Cinema - What Men Talk AboutBut does humor have a theory? Did anyone have enough courage to dissect a good mood and put everything on the shelves (in formalin jars)? I managed to find several such enthusiasts (more on this in a separate article).But back to our rams (lambs, lambs).The movie “What Men Talk About” pleased me with a positive outlook on the world. Cities are shown beautiful to the point of impossibility. It is difficult for me to judge Moscow, but I know Kyiv well.In early January, I walked along Podol and that same Andreevsky Descent and shuddered at every step from devastation and neglect. And in the film, the characters drive and drive and suddenly stop right in the middle of Mikhailovskaya Square (actually, this is a pedestrian zone). Clean paving stones, a bright colorful church in the background, not a single car around – a real rural idyll (in the good sense of the word). The same with Odessa, first the Duke of Richelieu (this is the center of the city), a nightclub, but as soon as you go out of the gate, you miraculously get into a magical sandy beach.Cinema is magic, with the help of editing the world can be made beautiful or terrible, to whom that is closer. Chernukha has been enough lately, so I am grateful to the authors of the film for a piece of beauty.After the film, one question remained unresolved for me – are there really such men who discuss their women with friends (this is what the heroes did for most of the film)? Somehow it’s feminine :) Or is it also a montage?

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