Leonid Kaganov – Charisma

Charisma - Leonid KaganovFinally, I came across an easy and absolutely standard book. No surprises (even the last chapter did not surprise), everything is predictable and familiar. I immediately remembered the late Strugatskys – “The Powerless of This World” and “The Search for a Destiny”, Akunin’s “Fantasy”, and Lukyanenko also seems to have written something in this vein.But Pelevin (he considers Kaganov, Strugatsky and Lukyanenko to be his teachers) is not at all like – there are not enough Sumerian goddesses and in general the book is not creepy enough. In some places even comedic (No, well, do you want lope? – the man does not let up. – Lope? – No, but lope is, ...) though more of a comic. After all, this is a classic comic book plot – a simple guy gets superpowers (and super enemies in the kit).Leonid KaganovBut the most important thing is that despite some shortcomings, the book does its job, the target group “catches”. The target group in this case is guys who look like the main character – computer nerds, modest semi-nerds, who assert themselves mainly in their own fantasies. At one time I myself was like that (before the aliens abducted me and gave me the super ability to write against the wind) and I know the problem (of the fight against world conspiracies) firsthand :)Infuriates only the inexplicable even schizophrenia “stupidity” of the hero in some episodes. It made me want to rewind or even stop the audiobook (as always, I listened, not read with my eyes).

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