Eski-Yurt Spring

Eski-Yurt spring This spring is designated in the updated 500-meter “Soyuzkarta” as the source of Eski-Yurt. The coordinates taken on the ground did not coincide with the map data a little – the captured spring is located 100 meters to the west than it is drawn.It is very easy to find it – if you walk from Lesnoye along the dirt road, then 70 meters before reaching the main clearing of Eski-Yurt (with a monument), you will see a sign “Resting place” and a dirt road going to the left, perpendicular to the main one. After walking 200 meters along it, you will find a log-table, benches, a fire pit and the spring itself. A little higher up the slope there is an almost flat area for 3-4 tents.The flow of water from the pipe is strong (I was in early June), the taste is normal.Eskiyurt spring coordinates: N44° 57.0204′ E34° 54.1680′map of Eski-Yurt springresting place near the springpointer< /a>Kirill Yasko, for Yuri Yezersky’s project “Springs of Crimea”.

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