Misha was acquitted – she is not pregnant!

Misha - you're pregnant! Pick up the phoneJust a couple of hours after posting “Misha, I pregnant” the story has a continuation. This sentence struck me as very funny. It really smelled like a prank. I decided to check whether bayan is my news. I searched the net … And I found it!Just a week before my article, a series of 4 shots of the same inscription swept through joke sites (this is it, I recognized the street) accompanied by a sentimentalstory.Allegedly, the inscription “Misha, I’m pregnant” is a sophisticated revenge of several girls on their opposite colleague or boss (and not at all on their lover). Like, let a jealous wife drink you down – you will know how to make us work at work.Apparently, the pictures were posted on the Internet by the participants of the action. When and where this was done for the first time, I have not yet traced. But the main wave of citations took place on November 20-24, 2010. I took my picture on the 30th, i.e. The story is still very, very fresh. Not an accordion!how the masterpiece was createdThis is how a masterpiece was created – under the cover of night, but slowly – with a brush and paints (and not with a spray can) according to a sample previously applied with chalk.Misha, I'm pregnant - top view View from the window of the house (I know the address!). This is the most common photo on the net.

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