Misha, I’m pregnant

Misha I'm pregnantConfessions of love , made by paint on the asphalt under the windows of a loved one in almost every yard. Everyone is already used to them and does not pay much attention. I would also have run past this inscription if I had not accidentally seen the addressee’s name – “Misha”.

Is this a message to a guy, not a girl?! Something new – read on:

Misha, I’m pregnant – pick up the phone

Misha, apparently, is not a very good guy, but thanks to him, perhaps not only a new person will be born, but also a new direction in graffiti.

Misha, I'm pregnant - pick up the phone

Misha, I'm pregnant - pick up the phone

By the way, there is a possibility that this inscription is not a monument to Misha’s loving irresponsibility, but a joke – a very witty joke of Misha’s comrades. It is hard to imagine a desperate girl diligently writing letters (with curlicues) on the pavement. I even put a comma.

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