“Oh God” – 1977 film

Oh God - 1977 movieIt’s simple – God appears to the common man and appoints him as the messiah. Go, they say, bring the good news to the masses (that I am).For some reason this story seemed very familiar to me. Somewhere I have seen or read something similar. Similar in meaning, but not in the way of presentation. The film is very simple – no mysticism, zero special effects, a minimum of gravitas, everything is said in plain text. The Creator appears in the form of a tiny old man, completely devoid of any majesty, and he says terribly simple things (the world can be “fixed”, everything is in your hands, freedom of choice, I’m not your nanny). This is 1977 – they don’t shoot like that now.it's not easy being a messiah's wifeWhen the protagonist got into trouble because of his evangelistic activities, I repeatedly caught myself thinking that I was waiting for his wife to take the children and move away . This pattern of behavior is so advertised in Hollywood that the soft and patient woman on the screen has become more of a revelation to me than the Lord in a baseball cap.On the acting side, again, it wasn’t George Burns as Heavenly Father that struck me, but John Denver’s slightly awkward and eccentric supermarket manager (he’s actually a singer, not an actor).Many films have a slogan that is used in advertising to convey the essence to a potential viewer in one line. For “Oh God” it’s “The divine comedy that will make you believeJohn Denver as Selfless Supermarket ManagerSo, it seems to me that for the current viewer this film will not be enough to “get through” and return to the faith. We are spoiled by beautiful wrappers and can hardly perceive sweets without powerful visual support.In short, in my opinion, in order to attract the modern viewer to issues of faith, a big-budget series about the working days of God would be more suitable. Do you know such series where a team of professionals solves incredible problems (Doctor House, Lie Theory, CSI and so on)?As always, the closer to the end, the more questions I have and fewer answers. What would I do if I were the main character? Would you carry the word of God, no matter what? Why am I not doing this now? Waiting for Him to appear and instruct personally? What miracles will I subconsciously wait for (or even shamelessly demand out loud) to make sure who I’m dealing with. Eh, it’s hard to realize your own imperfection. Or is she not mine?

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