Why is there a curtain in the cinema?

chic red curtain For some reason, I remembered that delightful anticipation of a miracle that you experience at the moment when, after the demonstration of trailers and advertising (give “Yeralash” or “Wick”!) The curtain in the cinema crawls to the sides, the screen becomes wider , the light is completely extinguished … The movie begins.

And then suddenly it became interesting – why do we need a curtain in the cinema? What is he covering? This is not a theater where the scenery needs to be changed. After rummaging through my memory, I found that I was not sure if this same curtain is in modern cinemas like IMAX. Maybe they canceled them a long time ago, and my question is no longer relevant?

An Internet search gave only one hint – a dark curtain, framing the screen, visually increases its contrast.

The insight came suddenly – no matter how they explain the purpose of the curtain, its true role is to create that very atmosphere of immersion in the mystery that I wrote about in the first paragraph. This is the gate to another world, and no contrast control.

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