Onotole in the cell!

Onotole - mafia in a cellIt’s funny to meet an unusual person in an ordinary place. The president is in line at the checkout of a supermarket, or a TV presenter in a district clinic. We are used to the fact that the “stars” live in another world, and having met them on the sinful earth, we do not believe our eyes.I met Onotole in the storage room of the Simferopol railway station and managed not to recognize him despite the presence of all the legendary attributes: a beard, a stomach, huge glasses and a vest with countless pockets.Onotole in a vestIt was only when I came home and checked the photographs that I was finally convinced that I had missed a wonderful opportunity to get an autograph from the country’s main clever man. It would be cool to slip him some book to sign (Textbook of Botany!).So I was once again convinced that I was extremely superficially familiar with modern culture. Today, only the last redneck does not know that Anatoliy Wasserman’s vesthas exactly 26 pockets, and this you can easily distinguish the real Onotole from the miserable clones.P.S. Some personal impressions. The real Wasserman is stunningly huge. TV is simply not able to convey the impressiveness of its size.P.P.S. Eureka! If Onotole went to the storage room, then he left something there (suitcase, bag). And this directly contradicts the main idea of ​​​​the mega-vest – do not carry suitcases on trips, always have everything you need at hand.

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