P. G. Wodehouse – Mr. Mulliner tells

Wodehouse is the author of the Mr. Muliner books P. G. Wodehouse’s collection of stories about Mr. Mulliner and his many relatives got into my player quite by accident. But as soon as I started listening, I realized that this is love.

Good old England did not die with the beginning of the twentieth century. Eccentric aristocrats and their high-bred valets are alive to this day. They play golf, dress smartly, visit the Drones club and fall in love with simple and not very English young ladies in an extremely cute way.

Jeeves and WoosterWodehouse writes beautifully and interestingly, out of his The atmosphere of the “old and good” does not smell of naphthalene – it breathes freshness and runs skipping. Recommend!

P.S. Naturally, I wanted to continue my acquaintance with the work of a wonderful writer. Once I “digged” and immediately discovered that this was not the first time I had encountered his heroes. Known for the TV series of the same name, Jeeves and Wooster (played by Steve Fry and Dr. House, that is, Hugh Laurie) are also Wodehouse’s “children”.

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