Paintball review

paintball reviewToday I played paintball for the first time in my life. The morning before the game, I spent frantically shoveling the Internet in search of advice to beginner paintball players.And now, after just three hours of fighting, I’m already a full bowl. Ready to give advice, ready to teach the untrained, ready to sit down and write the Great Encyclopedia of Paintball in the evening. Something tells me that this fuse will pass soon, but I will most likely manage to scribble (tra-ta-ta) a small review about paintball and share a couple of considerations.Let’s start right away with the main discovery of today – paintball players are not smeared from head to toe in paint. It turns out that paintball paint is very easy to rub off and after each round you must remove all stains from your clothes (with a regular paper napkin). And then we thought to take a picture after the game, decorated no worse than the girl from the “cover” of this article. The bug came out…Something I really wanted to write an encyclopedia. It is necessary to quickly move on to the advice, until I fell asleep completely (apparently I ran away).1. Don’t dress too warm. I was wearing a T-shirt, thin fleece and camouflage and after only 15 minutes of playing I was already “soapy” (outside temperature was between +5 and +10). Of course, layered clothing softened the blows of the “balls”, but the sweat was much more inconvenient. At the end of the day, we learned how to use our energy more efficiently and not to strain over trifles (and therefore not to emit heat), but still we did not freeze even in thoroughly wet clothes.2. Take plenty of water with you to drink. We were constantly thirsty, but at some point our bottles were empty, and there was no time to run for new ones. I wanted to play further, even despite the inhuman thirst.3. Not bad if the camouflage will “dangle” on you. I have repeatedly noticed how the balls, colliding with a freely hanging fabric, did not burst, and fell to the ground without “blooding” the player. On the other hand, a large area of ​​clothing increases the likelihood of a hit. We need to think about it.4. Constantly monitor the state of your weapon. I once almost lost a duel due to a stuck bolt (I managed to distort at the very last moment), and once I lost by accidentally blocking the safety. And at some point, I was surprised to find that the balls began to leave the barrel 10 degrees to the left than before. Either the trunk turned, or it got dirty with something. By the way, for the same reason, it is not recommended to fill the balls into the feeder with dirty hands.5. Limit your ammo capacity. After a discussion after the game, we came to the conclusion that the most interesting were the last rounds, when we saved ammo, and did not spray bursts left and right. This made active free movement around the court possible and even necessary, the game went livelier. At the same time, no more than 10 balls were fired per round, which contrasts sharply with the first games, when we landed 100-200 charges in order to hit 1 time. In addition, do not forget that it is the payment for cartridges that makes up the lion’s share of the cost of your vacation in a paintball club. So by shooting less, you can do it cheaper (or longer, much longer). True, I cannot but say that most of the other “advisers” recommend exactly the tactics of heavy fire.6. Look. I noticed that the bullets “received” from the enemy you see are less offensive than the stupid bullets that fell out of nowhere. Therefore, in order to be less upset and have more fun, you need to look at the field and at your opponents all the time. This also makes you less vulnerable – because only an invisible (unnoticed) enemy has the ability to aim for a long time and shoot a lot while remaining unpunished.7. Move around. It is thanks to the movement that the previous point about “looking” can be realized. If you hide behind a wide shield, snuggle up to it and not stick your nose out, then the only source of information is the distant queues of more active players. This is extremely small, and the unknown will soon begin to oppress you – you will have to climb out. So isn’t it better to immediately take a more active position behind the same shield. Do not stick to it, but keep at some distance, constantly shifting left and right (strafe) in order, on the one hand, not to be an easy target, and on the other, to increase your viewing angle.A long time ago I played laser tag in the underground maze a couple of times. There you had to move along narrow long corridors, where strafes are almost impossible – it’s crowded, and all you can do is run forward and constantly shoot for luck. If you’re lucky, the enemy will jump out from around the corner in front and fall under your laser. If you are not lucky, the enemy will emerge from behind and calmly shoot you (it is almost impossible to navigate by the sound in the maze shaken by Rammstein).So, in my opinion, in forest paintball, unlike “underground” laser tag, you can move around the field much more consciously and efficiently. The game is less like a stupid mochilovo and more like playing a chess game. Although it’s possible, the whole point is that I’m not fast enough :)8. Shoot with two hands. When hiding behind a shield, it is not always convenient to shoot to the right of it. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to practice shooting with your left hand, from the left shoulder. Look at the video of how the pros play – they constantly toss the marker from hand to hand.And they’re fucking fast with two fingers on the trigger. In one episode, it was even seen how the frequency of shots was measured with a special device before the battle. Personally, I admire how deftly these guys move in the “ground floor” – they crawl, slide, run in a semi-squat.9. Aim. This is probably obvious, but nevertheless, only after an hour of playing did I realize that if you constantly hold the marker near your face, then the accuracy and speed of shooting will increase much (compared to constantly throwing the marker up from the “hands down” position.The body is begging for mercy, so I urgently finish writing a review about paintball, and go to dream about paintball. Chao!

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