Boris Akunin – F.M.

Boris Akunin - F.M.With great reluctance, I start writing about books I read a month and a half ago. During this time, so much has happened that not only literary impressions – I hardly remember the titles of books. But who said everything has to be easy?I listened to Akuninsky Fyodor Mikhailovich (F.M.) while driving a bicycle. I listened very enthusiastically, apparently that’s why the bike was able to take advantage of my “absence” and go to bike tour in Crimea< /a>. What has me so bewitched in the aforementioned F.M.?It would seem that everything is transparent to the point of impossibility – the main villain is obvious (we have already read about smart kids >), the main mug is unchanged (it’s not for nothing that my wife doesn’t like Harry Potter, despite the fact that she has read all the books about him), the happy end is impossible (I was sure that, like in Altyn-Tolobase the author will not give Nika historical candy). The entire “modern” storyline is dreary, 100% predictable and strictly conforms to stereotyped templates (oligarchs, bodyguards, jump under wheels, Pelevin’s Pokemon…). Everything is familiar.I don’t know “Crime and Punishment”!!!Boris Akunin in a hatIt turned out pretty quickly. The classics I read at school completely fell out of my head. The author may have assumed that the reader, who is probably familiar with Dostoevsky’s famous book, will be able to appreciate his, Akunin’s non-standard interpretations of this work. But instead of a “savvy” intellectual, a wandering pseudo-intellectual…And an elegant parody had to replace the original. With surprise and admiration, biting into F.M. Based on the information received, I tried to restore the events of the original Crime and Punishment. Of course, unsuccessfully, but the deed has already been done.Something tells me that Akunin was actually counting on just such an audience. We are once again being lured, being told to forget old prejudices (it seems that a book from a school program cannot be “fashionable”) and take Dostoevsky into our hands. I almost talked – only not too joyful memories of the “Idiot” read in 2008 stop me.

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