Puzzle came together

The puzzle came together I do not know about you, but I am periodically haunted by the feeling of the integrity of the world. I notice that everything is connected – an idea I read about last week, a random phrase dropped by a passerby, yesterday’s movie, and the “meaning” of events that happened to me. This connection is very thin, almost weightless, and for an outside observer, most likely incomprehensible.(Unexpectedly for myself) I think I fell in love with Pelevin, precisely for his ability to compose harmonious and integral pictures of the world from disparate blocks in which exactly those ideas that occupy me at the moment live and act. Of course, I’m not the only lucky one. Pelevin is the mouthpiece of a certain generation, a certain social stratum. He casually mentions what we feel, but cannot express. And even this superficial touch is enough for a sense of belonging.Actually, I was not going to write about Pelevin in this article. Initially, it was planned to show how the leitmotif of the month – “There must be one hero” by G.L. And the transition was not only literal “Greeks-Greeks”, but also ideological: the image of the Hero, the mirror of the world, etc. The next book, “Words in Science”, was, as it were, naturally permeated with Greek and Latin, and moved from the heroism of human quests to scientific quests. “The World of Sophia” showed a harmonious system in the search trends of mankind and began a feminine theme, deftly picked up by “Pelagia and the Black Monk” (who also wrote about scientific search). After the easy everyday wisdom of “English humor” (gloriously disguised as humor), I abruptly rolled up to the climax of the women’s issue – “The Beautiful Pig”.It should be mentioned that the selection of books was compiled by me without any clearly conscious intention. And as a result of reading, we have a continuous chain of ideas. Attention, the question – is it not possible that my cunning consciousness would “tie” absolutely any set of events and knowledge into the system, no matter what delusional cauldron I slipped into it? It probably simply cannot exist without this wholeness.

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