Story (report) about a trip to Nepal.

I returned from Nepal at the end of November. Over the past month and a half, I managed to promise a whole bunch of people that soon, soon I would write a miracle report and acquaint everyone with it. I really have a sea of ​​​​ideas for a report, but somehow there is no time to write everything. Apparently, to simplify the task, it will be necessary to break it into simpler subtasks. Those. replace one super-report on Nepal with ten small reports.Attention! The report is based on real events.So, our trip to Nepal took a little over a month – we left Kyiv on October 27 and returned on November 28.During this time we managed:

  • get trekking permits (permits) – 2 hours
  • complete the classic Annapurna Ring trekking route – 14 days
  • make a radial hike to Lake Tilicho (height 5000m) – 3 days
  • Go to Annapurna Base Camp via “Annapurna Sanctuary” – 5 days
  • relax in Pokhara on Phewa lake – 1 day
  • Chitwan Elephant Ride – 2 Days
  • explore Kathmandu and its historical suburbs: Bhaktapur, Patan, Swayambhunath, Boudhanath – 4 days
  • Buy a bunch of souvenirs and camping equipment
  • To thoroughly explore the airport of Sharjah (UAE) – twice for 12 hours

The three of us traveled: I am Kirill Yasko, my wife is Svetlana, and our friend and colleague is Taras (he is also tourism instructor in the Crimea).For the entire voyage, the three of us spent about $1,600. It’s about 530 bucks per person. Plus air tickets for 5400 hryvnia per person. In my opinion, more than a modest price for a whole month of exotics and adventures. From the last remark, you should have understood that I really enjoyed the trip.In addition to the great impressions, I brought back to my homeland … there is no Bigfoot, but 38 gigabytes of photos and videos. Part of this wealth I intend to share with you.The following parts of the story about our Nepalese trip are already ready:

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