Retro over sad reefs

And without that, the ancient classics of “sad” metal were drawn to a very gray-haired antiquity. In 2015, the leader of Candlemass, bassist Leif Edling, organized the side project AVATARIUM, working in a softer retro theme (people in the know say that this is 60s-ish). Approximately the same way were members of Therion. In their Luciferian Light Orchestra project, they allegedly focused on the “mystical” rock of the 70s. But to be honest, the goals and motives of the musicians are the last thing that interests me. The main thing is that the bone sits they play sincerely.

AVATARIUM – Pearls And Coffins

Luciferian Light Orchestra – Church of Carmel

If you accidentally forgot what the usual, traditional songs of Candlemass and Therion are, look under the cut, shake things up a bit :)

Candlemass – Black Dwarf

THERION – To Mega Therion (Live)

Therion – Ginnungagap (Live)

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