The best toy

The best toy When my five-year-old son, after several months spent on the seas and with his grandparents, returned to the city, got into his room, he, of course, first of all climbed into the box with toys. Did I say box? In fact, in terms of volume, this crap is approaching a cargo container – we have an immeasurable amount of toys.I already imagined how he, with joy and curiosity, dumps all this plastic rubbish on the floor, sorts out forgotten toys, tries to play with everyone at once, and I grumble at him and call for order. But it was not there. That evening, the child did not touch the toys. For more than an hour he calmly sat in one place (!!!) and flipped through the LEGO advertising booklet. Drawn toys turned out to be more attractive than real ones, but boring “their” tsatski.It turns out that the best toy is the one that hasn’t been bought yet. From a psychological point of view, everything is clear here – the forbidden fruit is sweet and so on. But from the point of view of the parent (and consumer), the idea can be “spun” much more interesting. To maximize the amount of enjoyment a child gets from each new toy, try to spend more time and attention on preparing for the purchase. Discuss the choice, compare, look at pictures on the Internet, buy the desired toy not immediately, but after a relatively long period of waiting and “drooling”. Ideally, over time, it would lead to the idea of ​​accumulating funds to buy (as opposed to passively waiting for manna from heaven or a credit shopping scheme).City on wheels (from Lego )Of course, one could speculate about instilling in children an aversion to materialism and a consumerist form of existence, but that would be pure demagogy. I can’t turn myself away from striving for new things, and even a child’s desires burn so that you can’t extinguish even the sea.

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