Perfect Soundtrack

Zhenya was tired of listening to the radio and she downloaded the original soundtrack for several seasons of House M.D. into our music box. The unusual choice is easy to explain – she really liked Peter Gabriel’s “My body is a cage” (a really great song).This music played “in the background” all day long. As a result, I went crazy caught the main secret of the perfect soundtrack. It should be practically invisible.The task of the soundtrack is to create an atmosphere and at the same time not fall into the focus of the viewer’s attention. Only once or twice in the film does he suddenly pop up to the fore to capture us. For example, the “Imperial March” in “Star Wars” is the one under which the old Darth Vader so liked to look at the marching clones.Another good example is cartoons about Tom and Jerry. Music plays there almost continuously. But we do not perceive it, but those actions that the music emphasizes.From all this we can conclude that in most cases good soundtracks are absolutely not suitable for listening without a “picture”. And vice versa, if there are more than 10 normal songs with words on the soundtrack disc you listened to, then you got either a musical or “Brother-2”. Of the more modern film masterpieces, “Office Romance 2” comes to mind – there is a little something and already someone is singing behind the scenes, and the characters are slowly strolling and waiting for when it all ends.I started writing this article in September right after the Crimea-Kyiv rally. Then it was important for me not to fall asleep at the wheel, and it was from this that the train of thought began. And I have to finish the thought after 3 months, in December, when there was not a trace left of the previous experience (so I apologize if I messed something up). But the theme of good soundtracks is still relevant – I’m editing video about traveling around Nepal . There is still a lot of work to do, only 3 episodes done, and I’m already running out of ideas for the soundtrack. Of course there is a way out, and not one. You can, for example, fill everything with folk music or leave the original sound or radically reduce the number of releases (finding 3 soundtracks is easier than 33). You don’t mind, do you?Finally, Gabriel will sing, House will jump from the balcony, and the clones will start a war:

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