Stephen King – 1408

mike enslin-1408King loves to write about writers and does it regularly (I still haven’t read Misery!). “1408”, a story about a writer who exposes ghosts, was included in my playlist for two reasons.Firstly, I repeatedly started watching the film adaptation of this work, but for various reasons, I never watched it to the end. Second, King used examples from “1408” in a book that I liked, On Writing.After reading the story, I realized that, unfortunately, it is worse than the film based on it. An excellent plot, colorful and believable characters, I’m sitting in anticipation of a fascinating story or even a novel, but instead, a banal horror finale suddenly falls on my head.the conversation with the manager is my favorite part of the story At the time of reading, I did not feel well (a slight cold plus the blues due to cloudy weather), and picked up a book with the hope of being distracted. But starting from the moment when Mike Enslin (the same writer) crossed the threshold of the malicious number 1408, I uncontrollably wanted to distract myself from the book itself. And only due to the short duration, this story was not abandoned by me.Later, it became interesting to me how the authors of the script “stuffed” the plot in order to stretch it to a full-length film. And, I must say, what I read (false release, evil alarm clock, quick discharge) I liked much more than the ending of the original story.Although I allowed myself to “run into” King’s story, I really liked a lot about it. First of all, the scene of the writer’s conversation with the hotel manager.

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