V. Kunin – Ivanov and Rabinovich, or “Ai go to Haifa!”

Audiobook - Ai gou tu Haifa - Nikolay reads Fomenko“Ai go to Haifa!” – light, emphatically entertaining reading matter. Unlucky heroes constantly find themselves in unrealistically bad situations, but their good hearts and pure thoughts help to find friends and get out of any troubles. An endless kaleidoscope of hits and a fast change of scenery is somewhat reminiscent of Akunin’s books about Nikolas and Pelagia.The plot isn’t engaging, but it isn’t repulsive either. You listen further simply by inertia, carried away by the colorful reading of Nikolai Fomenko.Haifa is Israel's main port The main feature of the book is the break in the template in the form of a Russian in the soul of Aron Moiseevich Rabinovich (a powerful Jew – a car mechanic) and a Jew by vocation, Vasily Ivanovich Ivanov (it seems an accountant or a supplier). These guys did not correspond to the national archetypes so much that the far-fetched, in principle, idea of ​​exchanging surnames seems quite logical.The subtext of the book, in my understanding, is the reconciling idea that such dissimilar Russians and Jews complement each other very well. Let’s live together guys.Another association that popped up while reading the book is the Adventures of Captain Vrungel. Moreover, they forgot to write the wisest Vrungel, leaving only the eccentrics Loma and Fuchs.

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