The secrets of our brain – the wrong book

Homer Simpson's brain is not the whole Homer Simpson!The book “Secrets of our brain. Or why smart people do stupid things” (authors Sandra Amodt and Sam Wong) I read easily and with interest. And only now, having sat down for a review, I realized that the book is wrong and teaches bad things.At first glance, everything is cool – an entertaining story about the work of the human brain, a minimum of tediousness, full of relevant topics – how to lose weight, how to become happy, what is love and a drug buzz. And all this from the point of view of neurons. The message is simple – you will understand how your mind works – you will be able to use it more effectively. But as soon as I listened to my heart… and it became clear – it screams in pain.Sandra Amodt and Sam Wong painted a picture of a world (brain structure) in which there is no place for the divine. Although they don’t directly talk about it anywhere (perhaps they don’t realize it themselves), it’s clear. You are a bunch of amino acids. You are a chemical automaton with no will of your own. You will die and there will be nothing left.This is their truth, not mine. I believe that there is only one truth – the one you believe in, and I have the right to choose what to believe. Sandra and Sam (I don’t like their surnames) have chosen for themselves a universe without God and even without man. It is their choice, but we are not obliged to make it our own, no matter how scientific their arguments may look.I like to think that if I want to, I will start believing that the Earth is flat, and all the astronomers and astronauts in the world will not be able to make me back down. For some reason, it is this approach that gives me strength, fills existence with meaning. Perhaps this obstinacy and faith of mine can be simply explained by a combination of neurotransmitters in my head or stars in my horoscope. Perhaps. But I don’t care about that.Michelangelo - "The Creation of Man" - here is a cluster of angels shape resembles a brain

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