Retouch = Retouch (re-touch)

This is not my wife! Just a photo from the Internet with an example face retouchI, like many amateur photographers, want my pictures to look cool. For the sake of this, I agree not only to invest big money in the Japanese economy, but I am also ready to spend half an hour processing photos before showing them to friends or posting them on the net.

And yesterday, having seen enough in the network of wonders of Photoshop, I decided to steal an extra 40 minutes from the night and watched a short video (see below) that teaches the basics of retouching. It turned out that this was quite enough to please his wife in the morning with her portrait with perfect skin and light lifting. Moreover, I received a “social order” for the production of a series of glamorous shots especially for Odnoklassniki. And, to be honest, at first I was a little worried about whether my desire to improve her pictures would offend my wife.

And yet, I suddenly had an epiphany and understood the etymology of the word “retouching”. The English spelling of the word helped – re-touch, i.e. repeated touch. I immediately remembered how the swordsmen in the films shout “Touchet!” After all, this is the same touch (touch), only in French. It turns out that the word retouch came to Russian from French.

And here is the promised video:

Of course, Demiart has dozens of instructions and better ones (and in Russian). But they are somewhere out there, far away. And I came across this particular tutorial and it turned out to be enough … At this stage :)

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