Trade in trains RyanAir

торговля в электричках

The other day, I flew for the first time with the low-cost Ryanair. Before that, I had heard a lot about the fact that “they have it there, like in an electric train.” But, to be honest, I didn’t really remember what it was like an electric train there. I thought it would be somehow especially crowded – narrow passages, little oxygen, a lot of checkered market bags. But no – the aisles are ordinary, the bags are within reason.

And it really looks like electric trains – the trade was somehow especially intrusive on the plane. The flight attendants, of course, did not sell homemade pies, melted ice cream and detachable gardener’s calendars. But the essence of what was happening was the same – to get an extra penny from the passengers tormented by longing.

Don’t think I’m not criticizing Ryanair for trading in the least – it’s a completely logical move. You can even develop a theme. Since there are pretty stewardesses and stewards on the plane, why not arrange a fashion show with a defile in the aisle? Maybe they will buy clothes infrequently, but many will want to share such news on the network (I think). The information occasion is funny and the videos should turn out colorful.

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