Jewelry from Nepal

Jewelry from Nepal Having returned after trekking to the capital of Nepal (Kathmandu), our group plunged headlong into shopping, the taste of which we managed to feel (and fall in love with) even before the trip. People bought magnets, calendars, paintings, t-shirts with embroidery, exotic bags and woolen products. I, oddly enough, concentrated exclusively on jewelry from Nepal.The question is, what adorns a man? Well, apart from the scars?Of course the equipment!And I bought an ice ax, a snow shovel, a super-warm mat, a waterproof bag, a hiking towel, water purification tablets and many, many maps and guides.Here are the decorations I bought for myself in Nepal this time. And if you are not too lazy, you can read what kind of equipment it is that you need to go for it to the other end of the world.

Camp Corsa Nanotech ultralight ice ax.

Camp CORSA-NANOTECH light axCamp CORSA-NANOTECH ice ax beakThis is an ice ax that weighs 300 grams, with a length of 70 centimeters. Of course, it’s better not to go storming a steep ice wall with this, but for simple trips, where an ice ax is mostly needed only as a means of self-detention or as a third fulcrum, Camp Corsa Nanotech is very good. Unlike the simpler (and lighter) all-aluminum Camp Corsa, this model has a special alloy pick. It is really sharp, and gives more chances to “hack”.The main deciding factor in favor of buying this ice ax was the price. In one of the stores in Kathmandu, I found it at a price of 7,000 rupees – about $ 100, which is $ 39 lower than bourgeois online stores. We, in Ukraine, do not have such ice axes in stores. One of the suppliers, however, agreed to bring it to me on order, but for 220 bucks.It is a pity that in Kathmandu I did not find this product in the size of 60 cm, and I had to choose between 50 and 70 centimeters.

Grivel Steel Blade Snow Shovel.

grivel steel blade snow shovelice ax as snow shovel handle grivel steel bladeThis is plastic snow shovel with a steel blade. Weight about 400 grams. An ice ax can be used as an additional handle (not all of them will fit into the hole – it is better to check for compatibility in advance). I bought for 57 dollars in one of the company stores (they don’t sell “palenka” and don’t trade there) equipment in the center of the capital of Nepal. I didn’t really look for it on the Internet – I saw it a couple of times for 70 bucks. In Ukrainian stores I met only once – for $ 80 in Expert on Podil.If someone is not in the know, then a shovel is needed on a hike for rescue work (in the event of an avalanche) and for organizing a camp (throw a couple of cubes of snow as a foundation for a tent).Maybe this particular shovel is not ideal for working with snow, but I really liked the idea of ​​using an ice ax instead of a handle :)

Exped Downmat 7 Pump Short

EXPED downmat pump 7 set (my top )function of the built-in EXPED downmat pumpDimensions – 120 by 52 cm, thickness – 7 cm, weight – 640 gr. Folded size – 23 by 12 cm. Inside this air mattress – excellent goose down. It is due to this that the temperature coefficient R reaches a value of 5.9 (for an ordinary Izhevsk rug, it is about 1.5). The higher this coefficient, the stronger the mat “warms”. Those. manufacturer claims that this is a drop dead warm rug for the most winter hikes. How true this is, I can only check in a couple of months, but for now I limited myself to training in inflating and deflating this mattress.Bought in a company store for … already forgotten … it seems for 100 dollars.

North Face Base Camp Duffel

North Face Base Camp DuffelNorth Face bag insideA baul is a huge teza bag (an indestructible fabric used to make awnings for trucks). It is very convenient to transport equipment in trunks – on planes, on buses, on the backs of porters. They are more or less waterproof, easy to padlock, and very, very strong.I bought such a bag in the size of XXXL (not less than 150 liters) in an UN-branded store for $12! It is obviously a fake, but a very high quality fake. North face asks for original from 110 to 160 dollars (probably depending on the size).It was in this mega-bag that I stuffed all the “decorations” I bought for loading onto the plane, my backpack along with all the contents, a couple of bags with Nepalese souvenirs that other members of our group could not cram into their backpacks (I said – it was bought a lot) and there is still some room for Nepalese apples.

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