Kyiv in the fog or fog in Kyiv

Kyiv in fog or fog in KyivFog covered the glorious city of Kyiv last night. This is a fairly common occurrence in late autumn. The fog comes… and stays. I even got the idea that spending a week or even two under the cover of fog is the most trifling matter for Kyiv.The “Great Dive” simply cannot go unnoticed. It has the most direct impact on the lives of citizens:For example, several times a day in the body there is an irresistible desire to throw everything away, take a camera and a tripod and go to the city for pictures. But, although we have fogs every year, only once – back in 2003, I managed to realize this intention. I wandered around the KPI park and took pictures of every bush. Slowly rearranged the tripod, conjured for a long time over a digital camera unsuitable for night shooting, patiently waited for the end of the endless 5-second exposure. As I write this, I envy myself.Now there is no time for a photo shoot, and there is no suitable camera. Therefore, all I can afford is to freeze for a second at the moment when the engine of the car is already turned off, the door is ajar, one foot is still inside, and the other has already touched the ground. Freeze, look at the rainbow halo around the street lamp, take a couple of deep puffs of fog and again rush after the ever-elusive time.fog in Kyiv You have to hurry, and hurrying in the fog is quite difficult. The familiar outlines of the houses and streets of Kyiv abruptly cease to be 100% determined. Some small seed of doubt appears, which changes the perception. The road from point to point lengthens without adding a single meter.But gray hair is added by crazy pedestrians desperately ignoring the underpass (probably afraid to dive into the underground fog).While I was driving today, I was keenly interested in the question why there is fog on this street, but not on the next one. But apparently I will no longer arrange an Internet investigation on this matter.I remembered how we were sitting in a cloud on the approaches to the Machapuchare Base Camp in Nepal. In the evening, I left the shelter and tried to find a washstand. But the lantern on his head snatched out of the darkness only endless myriad particles of moisture. Then I guessed to remove the flashlight and lower it to the level of the belt. Visibility has improved significantly (so how fog lights work!), I found a washbasin, brushed my teeth and played a bit of Jedi with someone invisible from a nearby shelter – in a thick cloud the most useless flashlight creates a beam no worse than the legendary lightsaber.Jedi fight in the fog It’s taken me so long to write this post that the much-praised fog has almost lifted. It’s a pity, but I was just about to hang a flashing red lantern on the balcony – so that the plane would not accidentally get lost and fly into my window.Hedgehog! E-e-e-g-i-i-k!Horse! Awww!

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