Terrible live sound.

horrible concert sound I rarely go to concerts and this is largely due to the fact that I do not like the sound at these very concerts. Most often, instead of music, I managed to get by with a terrible mess of sounds. The vocalist is not audible, the guitars merge into a continuous rumble, only the drums are more or less distinguishable. At the same time, the speakers are clearly working at the limit of their capabilities and therefore desperately wheeze. Is it really impossible to make the instruments quieter, and the voice louder? Have the sound engineers moved on?I would have remained in the darkness of ignorance if I had not read a wonderful article today by Sergey Kalugin, in which he clearly explained why there is such a terrible sound at concerts, and what should be done if you want to enjoy the music, and not just look at the musicians and a little ” chop yourself” near the stage. horrible live soundIn short, everything is sad – a good sound is achievable only with huge investments of money (the arrival of a rich western band) or in very tiny halls (again, due to the band’s own good equipment). In any case, good sound should be sought not near the stage, and not along the walls, but in the center of the hall, where the portals (huge speakers) are directed. Usually there is a sound control panel.More read for yourself – author (vocalist and guitarist of the group “Orgy of the Righteous”) is familiar with the issues of concert sound firsthand and writes very emotionally and interestingly. At the same time, you will find out why there are monitors on the stage (such pegs) and why musicians plug their ears with headphones.P.S. In the first photo, a stunned Marilyn Manson seems to be advertising a home theater from Samsung.

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